Firestarter screenshots

The Firestarter status page

The Firestarter status interface shows the state of the firewall and the network at a glance.

The active connections list shows all the connections tracked by the firewall, including traffic routed through the firewall. It can also tell you which program the connection belongs to.

The Firestarter events page

The Firestarter events interface shows intrusion attempts as they occur in real time.

By right-clicking on the event entry and selecting an action, you can control how the firewall will treat a similar connection the next time it sees one.

The Firestarter policy page

The policy page allows you to create security policy with ease.

You can enforce both inbound and outbound traffic policy with Firestarter, as well as black or white list traffic and web sites.

The Firestarter tray icon

The Firestarter tray icon conveniently allows you to keep the program running without cluttering your desktop. It also alerts you to new firewall events. The tray icon works in GNOME, KDE and XFCE.

FAQ: How to load the Firestarter tray icon on login

The Firestarter wizard

The wizard will create a firewall for you in just a few clicks on your first run.

It will also set up Internet connection sharing for you in mere seconds. Want automatic DHCP service for all the local network clients? Just tick the box and you're done!