Firestarter 1.0 online manual

  1. Introduction
    Firestarter in a nutshell
  2. A quick tutorial
    A walkthrough of a few common tasks
  3. Installation
    How to download and install Firestarter for your platform
  4. Interface and basic usage
    An overview of the major Firestarter components
    1. The firewall wizard
    2. The status page
    3. The events page
    4. The policy page
    5. The preferences
  5. Working with policy
    An explanation of the Firestarter policy system
  6. Internet connection sharing
    How to share an Internet connection among several computers
    1. Configuring the DHCP server
      Distributing network settings to LAN clients automatically
  7. Advanced topics
    1. Persistence of the firewall
      Running Firestarter as a system service
    2. Kernel requirements
      Information for people compiling their own kernels
    3. Virtual Private Networking
      Workarounds for using VPNs with Firestarter
  8. Frequently asked questions
    The FAQ includes answers to common questions, tips and tricks
  9. Developing Firestarter
    Joining the Firestarter team, or just hacking for fun
    1. Getting Firestarter from CVS
      Keeping up with Firestarter development
  10. The Firestarter license
    Copying and distributing Firestarter

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Firestarter manual in PDF format Firestarter User's Manual (Updated April 17 2012 )