Bug reports

Filing bug reports is perhaps the most important part of Open Source projects, your feedback is essential when it comes to improving the program. We want to hear from you about bugs you encounter, usability issues, problems with the documentation, feature requests or anything else Firestarter related you might want to tell us.

File an issue using Bugzilla


Bugzilla is a bug tracking system. It is not as easy as simply emailing us, but it ensures that the issue doesn't get lost, blocked by spam filters etc.

Using Bugzilla requires registering an account, but it shouldn't take more than a minute or two. Your bugzilla account can be used to report bugs for all GNOME software.

Mail us your problem

Please include the following information:

We try to answer all email, but please understand that we receive a lot of mail, so it might take a while. Mail us again if you think our spam filter ate your mail.

Contacting the authors

Got questions, praise or suggestions? Mail us!

Tomas Junnonen tomas@fs-security.com
Main developer, Maintainer & Dictator for Life
Please direct your general Firestarter questions to me.

Paul Drain pd@cipherfunk.org
Developer, Netfilter guru